Not More Monopoly Liberalization Of The Danish Gambling Market

The new online gambling on gambling has been a long time coming. The law was passed unanimously by the Danish parliament in June 2010, and after a careful review, it is also approved by the European Commission in September 2011. The new law puts an end to the current monopoly and liberalize the market. The law took effect January 1, 2012 (alla references to the law is at the moment being pressed at It is the Danish Gaming Authority that oversees the Danish gaming market. It includes among others the issue of licenses, monitoring the market and manage Gambling Act. In order to handle the new tasks and the extended ansvarsområden, we have to play authorities expanded our capacity in the past year.


What has changed now?

Historically, the gaming market in Denmark has been monopolized by the Danish Spil A / S, but as a result of the new law, the market is now liberalized since 1 January 2012. This means that more people can now get licenses and legally operate on the Danish market gambling and online casino games. But lottery and lottery, bingo and skrabelotter continues to be monopolized. The Danish gaming authorities' main priority is to protect players from unfair and illegal gambling, especially the young and vulnerable people. From 1 January 2012, players now have the opportunity to voluntarily exclude themselves - temporarily or permanently from the online game by registering in a register called ROFUS. Another major change is that we now have a variety of tools we can make use of to regulate the gaming market, including web blocking and credit card payments to not accept players in the market, and enforcing advertising. However, our best tool is to encourage as many players as possible to apply for a license and become a part of the legal market.



A licensed games include both games online and at land based venues. With a license for online casino service, operators can now freely provide games like roulette, baccarat, punto banco, blackjack, poker and games on slot machines and offer cash winnings. The term "online casino" has a wider variety of games than are offered on the land base etching casinos and include a combination of games where the outcome is determined by chance or skill. The combination of games include games like chess, backgammon and various quizzes. It is also possible to apply for a combined license so that they can offer both betting and online casino games. There may also require a certificate that has a limited revenue level, which is a license for a fixed period of one year and has a revenue level of approximately. $ 180,000 (USD)

Both individuals and companies can apply for a license for permission to provide betting and / or online casino games. We do not require that applicants must be resident or established in Denmark, with it is a requirement that the applicant has a representative in Denmark. It is our priority to players in Denmark run their gaming activities in an appropriate and professional manner. For example, in relation to the applicant's financial situation, we attach importance to ensure 1) the company will be able to pay all potential gains, 2) the budgets are consistent with the goals defined in their business plan and 3) sufficient funds to run the company. With regard to assessing and monitoring the actors, we have several technical requirements around game data and systems.