Not More Online Gambling Barriers

Online gambling in Italy will now be less restrictive according to an announcement made by the Commission. Before today, the Italian Olympic Committee and the National Danish Gambling Enhancement Society exclusive sports betting and organize online games. This meant not only could other European gambling operators offering their services in Italy, but even their sites were effectively blocked.


The EU position is that it will allow Member States to restrict online gambling services for the public interest but the restrictions should also apply to local services, Member States and non-discriminatory. EU felt Italian violated this position and was preparing to take legal action. It took this kind of action against Italy in 2008, and before they relaxed their online poker attitude to foreign operators.


Having abandoned all its costs, says this is a battle between the EU and Italy that started in 2003. After getting nowhere for almost three years, gone EU with its legal action in 2006. After three years of open dialog, reached an agreement in end 2009. Indicates that it is satisfied with the changes that Italy has made, fell to EU finally all their trial this week.


Italy will still have authority and control over online game with this new law, but now there is a much wider choice of the people of Italy to choose from. Other European gambling operators will now Casino Reviews to apply for Italian licenses and offer their services throughout Italy. There will still be safeguards to protect the players and overseeing the legality of the services offered.