Baccarat is one of the best casino games available to play today. The object of the game is simple: Players bet on one of two hands dealt on the table, "play" or "banker". The page that comes closer to 9 wins. This game also has a very low house edge. The house edge if you bet on the player is about 1.36%, whereas if you bet on the banker the house edge is 1.17%. It compares games on red or black at the roulette or the pass and dont pass play craps.


Baccarat games are played on the table, which consists of two identical ends and a middle region of the croupier. Typical layout of the baccarat table is shown in billedet.Områder on the table Baccarat: 1. Call ( "Croupier") 2. Dealer 3. Dealer 4. Release box 5. Discard Tray 6. Tips box Up to 14 players occupy the seats correspond to the numbers on the layout. No. 13 seat is eliminated, due to the superstition that surrounds the number. So will the fourteenth player sit at number 15. Is a section for placing bets in front of players.


You can sit in any open seat at the table, position does not affect play in any måde.Hver player has three betting areas associated with his position at the table, corresponding to the possible choices at the beginning of each game: "Banker", "Player "or" Draw ".Three dealers service each table. The dealer standing between positions one and 15 (position 1) is known as the "caller" or "croupier", and directs the play of the game and call on your hands.


Two other dealers work on the position 2 and 3. One dealer serves players 1 through 7, the other serves 8-14. They pay bets when a player wins and takes bets on losses. In the area croupier are numbered entries that are used to record how much commission each player owes the house.


There are three betting options in Baccarat.Spil on the player's hand * betting on the Banker's hand * betting on a tie, you can bet any amount from the table minimum to the table maksimale.spil on player hånd.Ved placing your gaming chips in the "Plays" sitting with, you bet on the player hånd.Du wins the game if the player hand at the end of the round (after all drawing and dealing is done) will be greater than the dealer's. You are in this case is paid even money and charged the Commission.


Game of the banker hånd.Ved placing your gaming chips in the "Banker" are holding, betting on banks side.Du wins the game if the banker hand at the end of the round will be bigger than the player. You are in this case is paid even money and charged the standard 5% commission on the amount you won.


In order not to slow down the game, collecting dealer "fee" after each round. He pays even money to winning banker bets and keep records of all players owe Commission. After completion of a shoe, or when a player wants to leave before the end of a shoe, the dealer will collect the accumulated Commission.


When you bet on the "Banker's" hand, the casino advantage of 1.01%. It is one of the lowest house advantages in casinoet.spil on uafgjort.Hvis you want to bet on the tie hand, you place your gaming chips in the "Draw" or on the number corresponding to your seat. A bet on a tie pays 8 to 1 without any provision.Hvis there is a tie, play on the "banks or" Player "is returned, but you can leave them in the area of betting for the next round or increase / decrease your game.